There are some hidden gems around the world that you would actually travel just to see for yourself. Not only that seeing hidden gems also leave you wishing El Paso could do the same thing. If you admire all sorts of art this is something you and artists would appreciate.

One day I was scrolling through #Travelgram on Instagram and stumbled across this lovely gem in Las Vegas. A travel enthusiast Joe shared a hidden gem he and his significant other found on their hike. This lovely mural they came across reminded me of something somewhat similar to the one in Vado, New Mexico.

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Although the one in Vado needs quite a bit of touching up it had me wishing El Paso could have something like this. So next time you're driving to Las Cruces you will see the artwork displayed on some rocks piled together. It isn't hidden either it is close to I-10 on the opposite side of traffic heading East.

Lately, there have been all sorts of murals popping up around El Paso thanks to local artists. But after coming across Joe's picture has me and now maybe some of you wanting something similar. El Paso has a lot of hikers and I am sure they would appreciate stumbling across this in or on the Franklin Mountains.

We can just hope one day some artists can get together and bring something similar to the art painted on rocks in Vegas and Vado in El Paso. The closest we have is the abandoned building that is fully decorated on Sugarloaf Mountain. The pictures below will show you the artwork painted on rocks in Vegas and in Vado. Feel free to share your vote on whether you would like to stumble across something like this during your hike below.

Art Painted on Rocks

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