I have fallen very behind on this season of "The Mandalorian". Not because I'm not interested in it this season, but because there is SO MUCH TO WATCH! Well, the other day I had an afternoon to myself and decided to finally catch up! Yeah, it's getting good. This most recent episode is what Buzz is deeming as the "best of Star Wars anything". One moment that stood out to me most, though, was the cookies!

Baby Yoda- okay, I'll call him by his actual name- The Child, is proving to be an insatiable little creature. The Child can eat, and doesn't really care if they're the last eggs of a frog species. In this most recent episode, The Child is left in a classroom of children when he notices the student next to him is eating some macrons! The student doesn't want to share with The Child, so naturally, this is a job for the force.

It's adorable, but also, those cookies do look good! Because consumerism knows no bounds, Williams Sonoma teamed up with Disney and are now selling the macrons, which they are calling "Nevarro Nummies Macarons".

williams sonoma
williams sonoma


Love the name, hate the price. These cookies come in a pack of 12 but they'll set you back $49.95! I'm not about to pay $50 for cookies! I know that somewhere in El Paso I can find these for a better price and probably even more delicious.

Fellow El Pasoans, that's where you come in- tell me where I can find this galactic treat in El Paso! I'd very much appreciate it. This is the way.

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