There has been a lot of construction going on which doesn't help our commute to and from work. One thing for sure is thankfully we don't have it as bad as California does. Their traffic is terrible and takes double the time to get from one destination to the other sometimes. But just recently El Paso, Texas was part of an annual study by Texas A&M Transportation Institute that is a big surprise.

El Paso has two of the 100 worst congested roads in the state of Texas. Texas A&M's study showed Mesa Street from Executive Center to Downtown has massive commute congestion. The usual congestion takes place during the early afternoon hour to the early evening hour. Then the other route that was also listed in the study is I-10 East at the "Spaghetti Bowl" with backup to Downtown. The time you expect a delay heading East near the "Spaghetti Bowl" usually begins a little before 5 pm.

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