As of today (10/28) the city reported 845 new cases along with three deaths. Currently, El Paso has 13,653 active cases. While the numbers for today were way lower than I thought they would be, that's still a high number to report. El Paso has been seeing such high numbers on a daily basis with high hospitalizations- it's getting so bad, the Civic Center is being turned into a makeshift hospital. El Paso County judge Ricardo Samaniego implanted a curfew that is in effect for the next two weeks.

With the spotlight on El Paso it's easy for others to mock us; which is why I wasn't at all suprised when I came across this video on (where else but) TikTok.

As an El Pasoan, I couldn't help but laugh (you have to laugh to keep from crying, right?). It also made me wonder, is that what the rest of Texas thinks of us? Well, according to the comments, El Paso isn't the only one who should be shamed!

"Amarillo is NOT wearing masks" says one person.

"Honestly thought it was gonna say Lubbock" says another.

The comments did contain a few El Pasoans who, while also laughing, admitted that El Paso is definitely struggling.

"Being from El Paso I can confirm this! Too True!" says one El Pasoan

"This is embarrassing EP!" says another concerned El Pasoan

I know TikTok probably isn't the appropriate place to discuss the spike in cases in El Paso, but it sure it good for a laugh. El Paso, please remember to wear a mask, wash your hands and stay home as much as possible, until then, keep these TikTok's coming.

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