Mac Sabbath is an American parody heavy metal tribute band from Los Angeles, California and will be in El Paso next week. If you've never seen a heavy metal parody band before, just make sure you make it Mac Sabbath. It should be obvious who Mac Sabbath is a tribute band for which is clearly, Black Sabbath.

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Mac Sabbath can turn scrumptious words into a hilarious parody that will get you laughing. Now Mac Sabbath is a band that makes food sound so good lyrically through Black Sabbath beats. Mac Sabbath is around and created by Ronald Osbourne, Slayer MacCheeze, Grimalice, and Catburglar.

The band Mac Sabbath knows how to get listeners' mouths to water with their lyrics that focuses on McDonald's food. You can bet your buns that you will enjoy their hits "Pair-a-Buns," "Frying Pan," and "More Ribs" (War Pigs).

You can get a taste of how they sound from the "Pair-a-Buns" music video above. You can hear and see Mac Sabbath perform these foody hits Black Sabbath style In El Paso this month. Mac Sabbath will be performing in El Paso, Texas on Monday, November 15.

Mac Sabbath will be performing at the Rock House Dive Bar and Kitchen Venue next Monday.

The heavy metal tribute and parody band were scheduled to perform last month for their fans. So if you have been anxiously awaiting this show, it is coming around pretty quick. You can get a feel for their music and style by checking out sexthrash69's YouTube video of Mac Sabbath just below.

This parody heavy metal tribute band will not disappoint and have you rocking out and laughing. So like I mentioned if you've never seen a parody heavy metal tribute band before, make sure it's Mac Sabbath next week.

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