You know that old trope of firemen helping a cat who is stuck in a tree? Well, I have never actually seen that happen in real life, but I bet if it did happen, the El Paso Fire Department would not hesitate to help that cat!

Last week, the El Paso fire department responded to a "Condition 3 Fire" at the Chimney’s Apartments complex on N. Festival on the West Side. Crews assisted residents evacuate the structure and knocked down the fire, and thankfully, no injuries were reported. Among the rescued was an adorable cat that the El Paso Fire Department rescued from the structure!

Okay, have you just fallen in love with these brave firemen as I have? Of course, everyone in the comments section loved it, and thanked the fire department for their service.

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I am a cat lady, and I can immediately tell from the cat's body language that it is very grateful to these firemen; the cat isn't squirming to get out, and actually looks very comfortable in the arms of the fireman. Check out more photos below.

I like to think it says a lot about a person when they help out animals- it's very admirable. The EPFD proves that no matter large or small, they are there for all of El Paso!

And it looks like EPFD isn't the only one who is willing to help all critters, recently the Socorro Fire Department also responded to a structure fire in San Elizario and they helped out a dog!

Socorro Fire Department via Facebook
Socorro Fire Department via Facebook

I commend these brave men and women who run towards a burning building and help out ANYONE and any critter who might need help!

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