We have all skills & abilities we're really good at. We all have talents that we excel at & possess that sometimes we want to prove that sometimes we're the best at something. In El Paso, there's an event that wants to find people with some of the fastest hands in the land; they're looking for the fastest blunt rollers.

Mexico's Supreme Court Votes Decriminalization of Recreational Use of Cannabis
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Are there blunt rolling competitions?

Yes in fact there are. Some people have put on their own competitions, like this one hosted by Cheddar Man Cave in 2019 & one posted on the High Rise TV YouTube channel.

Here is an example of the competition from the 2022 4/20 Fest

Well now El Paso is joining in & hosting its own competition in honor of 4/20.

Where is the El Paso blunt rolling competition?

The local traveling art market, Kaleidoscope Art Market, will be hosting their FourZero Fest art show & market on April 29th in Chaparral, New Mexico at High Horse Cannabis Co, 545 S. County Line. On their official poster, it says, they will be hosting the fastest roller contest from 5-10pm.

But that's not the only thing to enjoy at El Paso's FourZeroFest

In addition to the local vendors & food trucks, There will also be a handful of local Las Cruces & El Paso bands performing on April 29th, some you've heard on Q Connected before: Shalem, Heinous Mutation, Ojo Malo & Hipshun Fire Fusion & the main host: BoOsty.

So if you think you can roll one up the fastest, now's your chance to prove it. You can find more information on the event hosted by Kaleidoscope Art Market on their official Facebook event page.

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