The world of El Paso athletics has been extremely vast in every sport out there; football, baseball, basketball & of course wrestling. Since 1955, those who have represented El Paso proudly get inducted into the El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame. The EPAHoF announced the members for the 2023 class: Evwella Munn, Jeanette Lawrence Castro, Dale Laverty, Larry Vucan, Pat O'Neill, Charles Henning Miller, Rick Hernandez & of course...Eddie Guerrero.

Peter Kramer via Getty Images
Peter Kramer via Getty Images

Since 1967, Eddie Guerrero has always represented El Paso

Trained by his father Gory Guerrero, & training with his nephew Chavo Guerrero, Eddie Guerrero has shown that he had a love for wrestling at a young age. Eddie would start wrestling while attending Jefferson High School & would continue to wrestle in college while attending New Mexico Highlands University. He would shortly return to El Paso to train on a professional level.

Eddie would fight in some of the biggest wrestling companies of the day.

While Eddie would fight for many small wrestling circuits, he would get his start in the bigger companies with New Japan Pro Wrestling in 1992, he would fight in ECW for a year in 1995 before moving to WCW the same year. It was here that he would start making a name for himself working with Chris Benoit, Booker T, Dean Malenko & Rey Mysterio. He would win the United States Heavyweight Championship in 1996.

And of course there was the Latino World Heat to combat with NWO.

Eddie would stay in WCW until 2000.

Eddie would have his best years in 2000 as he would join the WWE

Well first it was the WWF, World Wrestling Federation (before changing its name to WWE in 2002). Nevertheless, this is where Eddie would really shine. Amongst his many accomplishments;

Eddie would also win the United States Championship in August of 2003 at Summerslam. The crowd he would get when returning to El Paso was proof that Eddie was (and still is) an El Paso hero.

And of course...winning the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania XX.

Sadly Eddie Guerrero would pass away at the young age of 38 on November 13, 2005.

In 2006, Eddie Guerrero would joined the WWE Hall of Fame, would he would rightfully belong in the world of WWE.

R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero

If you're curious of more wrestlers who have represented El Paso, you can see more here.

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