Not everyone knows the story behind this cute calico cat that hangs around at the station. The calico cat has been around for quite some time now and is dearly loved here at the station.

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In fact, the cat had different nicknames from staff members here at the station. But there was a particular someone who would take care of the cat and adopted it as his own, which was the late Scott Ronson.

Scott Ronson always took care of that cat day and night when he would show up for work and right before he left. Yeah, the calico cat we call Scott's Cat made KLAQ her permanent home for good.

Since Scott's passing, the calico cat has stuck around which a lot of us here consider her a part of Scott Ronson. Different staff members will leave the cat little goodies here and there from dry cat food to tuna in a can.

Now, this is how much we care about Scott's Cat, Michelle Salazar another KLAQ employee filming her because of her cuteness. I am almost positive each one of us here at the station has a few pictures and videos of Scott's Cat like Michelle's video below.

But you're probably wondering why am I bringing up Scott's Cat which is simply to spread caution to visitors. On weekends some cars tend to assume our back gate behind the station is open.

So, at times usually, during road construction, we will keep the back parking lot gate open. This recent time we had it open I have seen different vehicles scare Scott's Cat half to death.

I guess you can say this is somewhat of a PSA for El Paso drivers cruising through the area. Just keep in mind if you don't want Scott Ronson haunting you don't harm his cat.

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