There are different routes in El Paso that we get stuck in for some time, but there isn’t anything quite like choosing a particular route at the wrong time.

By the wrong time, I am talking about the famous 5 o'clock time frame that some people love and hate. The people who love 5 o'clock are usually the ones inviting you out for a cold one.

The other crowd who has a hate relationship with the 5 p.m. time frame are the ones who have to drive in 5 o'clock traffic. We all know what it is like to deal with congestion around different parts of El Paso due to road work. But the real traffic of El Paso would be the backup from Friday, January 8, which should be considered traffic from hell in my book.

If you were anywhere near the spaghetti bowl last Friday around 5 pm you saw the struggle some drivers or you yourself experienced.

The traffic was mainly along the Patriot Freeway that even caused congestion on the surrounding roads. I needed to head East around 5 pm when I noticed all the red bright lights slowly piling up on Patriot Freeway.

Luckily, I was able to escape and exit the Montana Avenue ramp to take an alternate route to my destination. After finishing my half an hour errand run, I decided to take the Patriot Freeway to head back home. On my journey, traffic was STILL at a standstill on Patriot Freeway and Gateway S Blvd. as well.

The traffic in that area has been known to be quite dangerous because of what people do to avoid it. I witnessed a lot of drivers driving their trucks over the rocks to either exit West or make the Montana Avenue exit by a hair.

Traffic From Hell

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