If your family used Piedmont to get on to Scenic Drive, then you've heard about the unsolved mystery of the Patterson's. As a kid, I remember hearing a handful of scary stories about that area. One was about a witch and also the mysterious disappearance of William and his wife, Margaret Patterson. The case on the Patterson's caused quite a whirlwind of gossip. There were stories of UFO abduction since their case hasn't been solved till this day. There were so many speculations as to what could have happened to the Patterson's. Then after, people always told stories about the witch that lived in that exact house that once belonged to the missing couple. It still amazes me that this case STILL remains unsolved. Also, traces of their bodies have NEVER been found to this day. But according to one source, he said he saw blood inside the Patterson's garage. That witness didn't speak up before because they weren't a U.S. Citizen. If you remember Patterson's case, place your vote on whether the case will forever remain a mystery or eventually be solved in time.

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