It's tragic when someone goes missing, or their life is unfairly taken and no one knows what happened to them, but it happens every day across America and New Mexico is no exception.

Some of the most recent data from wisevoter shows that in 2023, there were 143 missing persons in New Mexico. The state ranked at #32 for the amount of missing people. However, it ranked #10 for the missing person rate with a 6.7. This rate is gathered by the number of people missing per 100,000.

As for homicide mortality, CDC data shows 306 deaths -- making the death rate 15.3 (gathered from deaths per 100,000).

There are times when those who go missing are found alive and well, but there are also a lot of times when a person is found seriously harmed or lost forever. In a perfect world, justice would be given to all of those who are taken against their will, those who have their lives taken, and those with any other crime committed against them.

However, this is not always the case. There are many instances of cases going cold.

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What is a cold case?

A cold case refers to a criminal investigation that is unsolved. With new evidence, these cases can be brought back to the forefront.

In New Mexico, the New Mexico Department of Public Safety Cold Case Unit currently has 17 cold cases featured on its website. This department is responsible for investigating unsolved cases from the New Mexico State Police.

How could you be of help? 

While these cases may be cold, there could still be information out there that could reopen them, hopefully bringing the victims and their families justice and/or closure.

If you know anything, even if you think it's small, it is worth contacting the department and telling them. Every bit of information could help. You can call the New Mexico Cold Case Unit at 505-827-9066; send an email to; or submit a tip through the online tip form

Cold Cases in New Mexico

As mentioned, there are 17 mentioned cold cases on the department's website. To learn more about the cases continue scrolling. Maybe you'll realize you know something that could help!

17 Tragic, Unsolved Cases in New Mexico

The New Mexico Department of Public Safety Cold Case Unit currently has 17 unsolved cases with details on their website. These cases will likely remain cold unless anyone has new information to share. Some details of each case are below -- for full details, you can visit the NM Cold Case Unit site.

If you have any information you think could help, contact the New Mexico State Police Cold Case Homicide Unit at (505) 827-9066 or email

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