Motorcycle Monday; This week, the city of El Paso honors local bikers!Motorcycle Monday is presented by Santa Teresa Motorsports in the Upper Valley!  Visit them at 910 Livingston for parts, accesories, clothing, repairs or to get a new scoot!!  If you're interested in a Victory, set up a free test ride!  

Motorcycle Monday is also dedicated this week to Richard Sandidge.  A brother struck on his bike recently by a semi.  We sent you off this weekend Rich, but you'll never be forgotten.  Until we ride together again Rich, LLR/RIP.

This week, the El Paso Motorcycle Coalition gets a nod from the city of El Paso!  I always write in the Motorcycle Monday posts about the C. O. C. meetings and remind you all that EVERYONE is welcome.  Whether you ride alone, with friends or in a club; the coalition is there for you!  To promote local charity events and rides, to keep everyone informed on the various legal issues that affect ALL bikers, to arrange the annual toy drive and to help the biker community in general. 

The meeting are the first Wednesday of every month, keep reading these Motorcycle Monday posts to get the location(s) as we move it around!

Tomorrow morning, El Paso City Council will read a proclamation recognizing the Coalition and the El Paso Motorcycle Community!!  All are welcome to attend ... in fact, it would be awesome if everyone would ride down!  I would love to see City Halls parking lot loaded with bikes tomorrow morning!  I'll be there for sure as well as other local media. 

Hopefully you will be there as well!

The proclamation will be read at 8:30 so it would be best if all who attend are at City Hall by 8!  The city will recognize the El Paso biker community as well as the big bike run that is coming soon to coincide with the motorcycle exhibit at the El Paso Museum of History!

Come one, come all!!

For more info on the run September 22nd, keep listening to KLAQ and keep checking in here at!!  (Also, keep listening to The Q for a chance to go through the exhibit with me in a private, after hours tour!! For FREE of course!)

If you have any ties at all to motorcycles, (biker, biker related business owner, business owner who is a biker, etc...) get involved with the coalition. It's very tightly knit, very organized and always growing!  :) 

There it went, the fastest couple of minutes in radio ... and online!  Motorcycle Monday brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports!

Ride safe!