It’s official, El Paso can thank this brutal Texas Heat Dome for breaking a record. And this isn’t a record anyone wants to be breaking.

With another pair of 100+ degree days over the weekend, El Paso has now recorded 24 consecutive days where the mercury hits at least 100 degrees.

That breaks the previous record of 23 back in 1994.

I wasn’t here for that one, but everyone who was and was old enough to remember hasn’t seemed to have forgotten about it.

Here is the thing, though. We didn’t just beat that 1994 record. It looks like we are going to CRUSH that record.

The forecast doesn’t show a lot of promise when it comes to any days that won’t hit 100 degrees or higher. It looks like we are in for at least another week of this oven-like weather.

I mean, who is even going outside these days unless you absolutely must? It’s quite literally not even safe. Check out this reporting from our friend Bob Moore’s team at El Paso Matters.

And as the National Weather Service in El Paso says...

... "No end in sight at this time."

Yeah, it's rough out there. Even local meteorologists are making cameos on the national news because they're taking notice of how unbearably hot it is in El Paso.

So yeah, this is awful. Electric bills will be through the roof and it feels like you have to be under house arrest like the pandemic days.

But hey... at least we'll all be able to say we were part of history and can sit in the record books. That's worth something, right?!

Stay cool, El Paso.

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