The point for building the colossal gates was to secure our country not to build to just leave an open. When I was heading East on the border highway, I noticed that the same and another gate was left unsupervised. A friend of mine, Joe Biggs, was flown to El Paso for Info Wars to investigate this matter. This is not the first time I have witnessed  this situation occur in El Paso.

Infowar reporter Joe Biggs flew to El Paso to investigate about illegal alien children being flown into the United States. The first thing he did was check the status of our borders and was amazed at what he saw. He noticed a Border Patrol officer driving away and leaving the gate completely open. Joe Biggs and Rob Dew stayed to monitor the gate for over an hour while it was still left open with no officer on watch.

Take the poll below if you've ever noticed a gate opening not being supervised like it should be. According to the Border Patrol, although there may not be a officer in the immediate area, the CBP has the capability to monitor the gates remotely.