Who knew a popular man would be wanted by the El Paso police! The owner of El Paso 411 a well-known website, Ceasar Torres is wanted by the police.

Some of you kept up with certain El Paso events and news through El Paso 411. Now if you check it often, you will notice the website is no longer working and has been disabled. A press release was issued by the El Paso Crime Stoppers division of the El Paso Police Department recently. Forgery is a white-collar crime and Ceasar Torres is wanted on suspicion of forgery.

Now the website and Facebook page may be unavailable but yet the Instagram page is still available. If the other two sites were taken down how is it that Instagram and Twitter are still up and running? Do you think that Ceasar Torres passed his creation down to someone else who can run it who isn't running from the law?

The El Paso 411 Instagram had posted a picture 17 hours ago and we're unsure if it's Ceasar Torres or someone else managing the account. Since Crime Stoppers can't locate Ceasar shouldn't the person running the Instagram and Twitter pages know of his whereabouts?

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