We’ve tracked down all those lifelike balloon murals that have been popping up all over town, including the latest CHUCO mural addition to the series.

Tino Ortega

You’ve probably driven by or have seen those balloon murals around town. But these are not ordinary murals; these are convincing 3D murals of balloons with real strings attached to the wall that gives the illusion that people are holding actual floating balloons when they take a photo.

Tino Ortega is the incredibly talented artist behind these interactive and lifelike murals that he began to make last summer to honor the August 3 shooting victims to help unite our community.

The first in the continuing mural series includes the original and most memorable I Heart EP piece located across the street from Galeria Lincoln next to the Old Sheepdog Brewery wall in Central El Paso.

The mural depicts three Mylar balloons, one as a red heart and the other two as silver letters, spelling out I (Heart) EP.

Since last summer, Ortega has gone onto creating four more interactive 3D balloon murals across El Paso.

Here’s where you can find all the 3D Balloon Murals in El Paso:

I (Heart) EP – 3900 Rosa Ave.

Tino Ortega

The original 3D balloon mural near Lincoln Park features three Mylar balloons, one as a red heart and the other two as silver letters, spelling out I Heart EP.

915 – 4410 N Mesa

Tino Ortega

Depicting El Paso’s zip code, this mural is made-up of three shiny silver 9-1-5 number balloons. (In collaboration with artist Paola Martinez)

I (Heart) U – Pershing & Piedras

Tino Ortega

This gleaming creation includes three Mylar-style balloons, one a red heart, and two silver letters spelling out I (Heart) U. (In collaboration with artist Paola Martinez)

Rainbow Balloon Bunch – 501 Texas Ave.

Tino Ortega

The balloon mural located in downtown El Paso was intended to uplift our LGBTQ community and spread love and equality. The mural features seven colorful balloons, including a rainbow-colored one. (In collaboration with artist Paola Martinez)

CHUCO - At Chuco Relic (3750 Gateway Blvd E Ste. B)

Tino Ortega

The newest addition to the bunch is the CHUCO mural aptly located at Chuco Relic off the Gateway. Ortega's latest mural was inspired by El Chuco, one of El Paso's most popular nicknames. Ortega says that he chose the Chuco Relic wall in central because it was near the Lincoln Park murals and because it doesn't get any more El Paso than Chuco Relic, a homegrown business that houses everything Chuco made by local artists. The mural is open for public viewing; however, there will be a formal mural unveiling this weekend at Chuco Relic.

Greeting Cards


Share the El Paso love and pick up your I (Heart) EP greeting card – available at the gift shop inside Galeria Lincoln in Central El Paso.

While there's no doubt that all these murals serve as a fantastic selfie shot backdrop, it's the colorful reach that public art contributes to our community's identity and pride that enhances our quality of life.

To find out more on how to contribute or have wall space that you would like to donate, visit Tino Ortega or Galeria Lincoln on Instagram.


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