Do you love eating, but hate doing dishes? A pair of designers in their 20s has launched a Kickstarter to solve all your problems with Do Eat — dishes that you can eat.

Helen and Thibaut said they launched Do Eat as a way to be more eco-friendly after seeing how many plastic food containers ended up in the trash.

The edible dishes are made from potato starch and water and are covered with a waterproofing substance that makes them able to hold soup, drinks and puddings. As for the taste, Helen and Thibault say the taste is neutral, allowing them to be used with salty and sweet foods and that they can be customized with edible inks and can also be used in an oven or deep-fryer. They are also gluten-free for all of you with gluten allergies out there.

Do Eat is looking to raise $66,983 and is offering some of the edible dishes to those who make a donation.