Easter Sunday, this year, falls on April Fool's Day. Could you ask for a better chance to have some fun??

Family Time.

(Fair warning; this requires cooperation and keeping secrets. Many families cannot do either, let alone both, of these things.) Pick a relative and invite them to a family Easter celebration at your house Sunday at 11am. Then, show up Sunday morning at 10am ... with ALL the rest of the family ... at their place.

The Easter Candy.

  • Unwrap the foil wrapped Hershey's eggs and replace the chocolate with grapes.
  • Fill the hollow chocolate bunnies with mustard, mayo, ketchup, chile, etc...
  • Dye Easter eggs but, don't hard boil them.
  • Instead of filling hollow, plastic Easter eggs with candy, use pet food, gravel, etc..
  • Better yet, use cash or change but super glue the eggs shut!
  • Or, fill 'em with IOU's telling the finder they owe you a car wash, dinner, etc...

The Easter Egg Hunt.

It's April Fool's Day soooo ... send the kids out hunting but, DON'T HIDE ANY EGGS! You could drag this one out all day and the longer it goes, the funnier it'll get!  Sundays forecast looks good too so, have fun!

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