When you're a kid, you know it's serious business when it comes down to an Easter egg hunt. These children were all gung-ho on collecting as many eggs as they could and can see the madness they have when it's time to hunt!

Remember those good old times when you wanted to find the eggs with money more over the confetti filled eggs? Not sure if these kids also got to experience the same type of egg hunt but you can see the seriousness in their actions. If you catch where this Easter egg hunt went wrong on your first try, props to you! It took the second try and for the video to state what to look out for to notice where and how bad it went wrong. Luckily for us Sabrina Rose managed to catch the incident while she filmed the children dashing for the eggs.

If you're familiar with egg hunts then this clip is something that will take you back to your good ol' egg hunting days!

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