Ok, here we go again! With every new year it seems that the games for smart phones are getting better than ever! EA Sports, is an awesome game company that puts out some of the best sport's games out there!

Now if I thought I could take my mastery of this game and apply it to a real golf course, well even Happy Gilmore would have done better but not by many strokes. This is just another great game of skill  and finger control with great scenery that makes it feel very authentic. Not too demanding on the up grades to make your character shine brighter is always critical of any games success. Now, I just started this game but I'm really stoked on this one, hey Buzz, you'd love this!!

So my friends not only do I give out my rock love and everything in between, I give you my new obsession. This new EA Sports game won't leave you in the rough, so get ready it's time to tee off!!