The coffee chain Dutch Bros Coffee will be opening in Las Cruces this coming Spring! If you're willing to make a day trip of it, the location will be near the Mister Car Wash at the intersection of Bataan Memorial East and Rinconada Boulevard. Dutch Bros Coffee is the largest privately held drive-through coffee chain in the United States and headquartered in Grants Pass, Oregon. Founded in 1992 by actual brothers Dane and Travis Boersma, the coffee shop offers not just coffee hot, iced or frozen, but also tea, fruit smoothies, lemonade and muffins or granola bars.

El Paso, unfortunately, does not have a Dutch Bros Coffee, there is, however one in Texas- in College Station. New Mexico does have a few, with two in Albuquerque, but that seems like too long a trip just to experience a Dutch Bros drink. Luckily, with Las Cruces a mere 45 minutes away, I'm willing to make a day trip out of it! However, I'll probably wait a while after they open to visit, because we all know how it can get when something first opens- a never ending line!

Perusing through the Dutch Bros Coffee menu- I can already tell what I'll be ordering first- a "Cocomo" which is described as a coconut mocha. Their energy drinks and Dutch sodas also sound amazing! Check out their full menu here to find out what you would order from one of their "Broistas". After watching this video, I'm convinced that I'll definitely be making a trip to Las Cruces to get my hands on some Dutch Bros Coffee!

No word yet on when exactly the Dutch Bros Coffee will be opening, but I'm sure we'll know soon!

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