2020 is almost in the rearview mirror ... yes, 2020 will soon genuinely be "hindsight" ... and here are a few things I hope to see in 2021.

Wow, have we been through the wringer in 2020 or what?  Thanks to COVID 19, we ran out of toilet paper, hand sanitizers, and wipes. College students got shaftedLive music and entertainment venues closed. We had to wear masks, ration certain things, and deal with curfews. Not to mention murder hornets, riots, wildfires, earthquakes, zombie crickets, natural disasters, and Tom Brady left The Patriots. (New Yorks' famous "Ball Drop" isn't even the same.)

That's not all, I just don't want to go on anymore.

At midnight tonight, we all get to "reset" if you will, take a knee for a minute, and get ready for 2021. True, we still face many problems but, we've got a handle on things now and we'll get back to normal pretty soon I think. We're Americans, we don't give in and we don't give up. 2021 will be a better year if we put our minds to it and if we actually learn 2020's lessons. Things like:

  • Health. We all learned new hygiene habits in 2020, let's keep them whether covid remains a threat or not.
  • Thinking ahead. When we had to practically organize a military action to find, acquire and escape with things like hand sanitizer and toilet paper, we started being cautious about how we used them and planned ahead for when we would need more. Another new habit we should keep with all necessities.
  • Commuting. "Nonessentials" didn't go out for quite a while and that was nice. Traffic wasn't as congested, pollution levels fell and things were calmer. I'm not saying we should all quarantine ourselves again but, limiting travel had many benefits. Many of us worked from home and if that continues, not only will we probably be a little happier, our traffic-related woes will be greatly reduced.
  • Being nice to each other. We all (eventually) realized that we were in this together and started treating each other a little better. Let's really hang on to that one, ok?

There you go, a few of my hopes for 2021. That's not all of them, (some of them, I don't think, are even printable here), but those are the main ones. Happy New Year to one and all!! Good luck, and God Bless!!

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