Local music venues all over the country are suffering and many may never reopen.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen just about every music venue in El Paso and across the country close. Because they are bars or just because large gatherings are not really allowed, small live music venues have closed and the lack of customers, bands, events, etc may cause many to stay closed for good. Now, a petition has begun circulating that calls upon Congress to do something to save them.

Venues like the Don Haskins Center or the El Paso County Coliseum will eventually return because they have other means of financial support. Athletic events, graduations, rodeos, etc.  Small venues like the Rockhouse Bar & Grill and even neighborhood bars rely solely on smaller national and local bands to draw in customers and we music lovers rely on them to see those bands. While some have closed or adjusted their hours and methods of operating, these are temporary measures. If things don't get back to normal, and it doesn't look as though they will anytime soon, these smaller venues may close permanently. It's been terrible not having live bands to go and see as it is; can you imagine if the places they play closed completely? Not every band can fill or even afford to book a big hall like the Haskins Center, we need the little guys.

You can help save these places right now with a simple click. I understand that it isn't safe or prudent to attend large gatherings or go to see live shows right now. Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over but, if you ever want to see live shows again ... at all ... please sign the petition here.

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