One of El Paso's most well known and prolific musicians recently checked in with me. Listen to hear what he's up to these days!

This Local Loco has turned local legend thanks to his work with high profile bands like Gorilla Death BoxMinistry, 3 Headed Snake, (featuring his Ministry bandmate Sin Quirin), The Sixth and Years Of Cold. Years Of Cold has now morphed into the latest project from Cesar, Tides Of Titan.

Cesar has also been involved with Pissing Razors and the Tides Of Titan lineup includes Cesar's longtime friend and bandmate ... as well as Pissing Razors guitarist ... Matt Lynch.

Tides Of Titan is something a little different for Cesar being, for the most part, an instrumental project but, it's still every bit as heavy as you'd expect a Cesar effort to be. Inspired in part by world events, learn more about Tides Of Titan in these interview segments from Q Connected!