You can find tacos anywhere in El Paso and, choosing the best is about as easy as picking your favorite child. I'm going to try though...

One truly great thing about El Paso is the fact that it is a taco lovers paradise. Hardshell, softshell ... meat, chicken, potato, (I've even had rattlesnake) ... hot, mild or spicy as hell; El Paso offers it all. To help you satisfy your own taco tastes, we're giving away free tacos from Taco Tote!

To enter, just snap a selfie of you at a Taco Tote. All the pic needs is your face and their logo, then send it to us via the KLAQ mobile app or tag us on social media. Be sure you mark those tags as "public" so we can see them.

The best thing about Taco Tote, after the tacos of course, is that they're locally owned. While they have locations all over the Southwest, they were founded in Juarez and are currently headquartered here in El Paso. You know how important it is to buy local, especially these days.

If you would like to try the tacos at other, locally-owned restaurants, here are 3 excellent ones to start with:

Remember, all of these, including Taco Tote, are based here in El Paso. You're not only doing yourself and your tummy a favor, you're helping fellow El Pasoans stay afloat in these rough economic times.

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