Opening the mail around here is often the BEST part of the day...

Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody is more than just a helluva singer. He's done some film work, (click here to see him in "The Devil's Carnival"), and now Ivan has his own CBD business!  Moody's Medicinals is officially in business and Ivan sent me samples. As you can see in the video, they were warmly welcomed!

He didn't start Moody's Medicinals with the intention of selling oils, salves, or the usual "stuff". While CBD products do help with a number of issues including anxiety, pain, sleeplessness and more; Ivan found another use for it.  Being a singer, he needed something to help with his throat. According to his website:

He wanted a throat spray and/or hydration option while he was on the road that would allow him to reap the benefits of CBD, without sugar or additional alcohols hidden in the ingredients.

Being a DJ/singer/big mouth myself, I know what he means about the importance of proper throat and voice care. Hopefully, they'll sell this at their concert on November 7th!!


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