Save your amateur “funny drunk pass out” stories —  this one will top them all.  

A drunk Norwegian tourist couldn’t handle his alcohol in Italy’s busiest airport, resulting in a hilarious case of drunken nap time.

This 36-year-old tourist was attempting to check in for a flight, but there was no attendant at the desk. While waiting for an attendant to arrive, Snoozy decided to hop behind the desk and pass out on the baggage belt. Soon enough, he was traveling deep into the baggage area. His drunk and fetal-positioned body was spotted on one of the X-Ray baggage scanners.

The guy slept through the whole thing (a 15 minute trip) and airport security even had a hard time waking him up.  Officials said this isn’t the first time an intoxicated tourist had passed out in the baggage area.

Probably won’t be the last — we’ll make sure of that!

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