Texas rockers Drowning Pool have come many times to El Paso in the past, and in 2019, they're coming BACK to headline the Speaking Rock stage again on March 9th. The best part? It's completely free as part of Speaking Rock's March Music Madness concert series! In addition to stopping to perform in El Paso, Drowning Pool have also recently said that they've started working on a new album for 2019.

They're not alone, however, as local El Paso rockers Texas Voodoo Stomp will be opening up for Drowning Pool at 7pm. Texas Voodoo Stomp have recently released their brand new EP "Dust to Dust" available now on iTunes & Spotify.

Drowning Pool will taking the stage at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center, 122 S Old Pueblo Rd, at 9pm along with Texas Voodoo Stomp playing first at 7pm. Free ages 18 & over. More information at speakingrock.com.

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