There is a particular area that grandparents, parents, teenagers, and even cops have had fun at. Now I know there are other locals that were introduced to it the way I was as a child. When I was around 5 years old my dad always had fun taking my sister and me on (what he called) the "roller coaster" in Central. When he would take Arizona Avenue he would announce we were coming up to the "roller coaster" and to be ready. So if you're unfamiliar with Arizona Avenue, it is a one-way street that takes you to North Mesa Street. But after Cliff Drive on Arizona Avenue is where it can be a fun ride for kids and adults. There are two hills on Arizona Avenue that brings out the excitement of all ages. The first hill begins on Cliff Drive which is a miniature one compared to the hill after it.

The last hill has quite the height with the kind of drop that can be felt in your tummy. When my dad would take me through that route he would be sure to give the gas pedal a little extra force. Let me tell you, that car ride can be just as exciting as the first time you remember taking it. Now the excitement all depends on who is driving and how fast they're going up that hill. I am not advising you to haul a** on that road but a little boost above the speed limit sure is fun. The drop you feel in the pit of your stomach right before hitting Newman Street is one of the greatest sensations you can feel. But it's unfortunate for some since it has surprisingly been able to make some feel uneasy. When I was a junior in high school I would sometimes (for giggles) take my friend who never enjoyed that route. Let me know if you got to experience Arizona Avenue the adventurous way in the poll below.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

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