I swear to whom ever is holy that you can't drive a block in this town without seeing someone talking on there cellphone or texting. Even tho it's an ordinance making it illegal to text or talk on cellphones in El Paso, It seems our attitude "it ain't illegal unless I get caught" rains supreme in this city. What a great lesson to teach your children. Murder "ain't illegal unless I get caught". But Ronson, that's a whole different story. BS, it's the same story. Teach your children right and they will be right, teach your children wrong and the tax payer pays for there stay the rest of there life. But getting back to my story,  Now if you get caught, you may now have your case dismissed only if you put a red and black "No Talking, No Texting" bumper sticker on your car. That sticker is such crap. Where is my "I don't have insurance" sticker or my "I don't have my car inspected" sticker?

You know the ordinance about distracted driving, pay the fine when your dumb azz gets caught.

To read the whole story on distracted driving in El Paso, follow the link below.

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