It was as if the universe heard my pleas! C&G Entertainment, along with the El Paso County Coliseum have announced that they will be bringing us a drive-in theater!

C&G Entertainmet
C&G Entertainmet

"Sun City Car Pool Cinema" is such a cool name. Their debuting weekend is two weeks away and I cannot wait to see how this turns out. If you recall, I expressed my woes earlier this month when I wrote about drive-in theaters thriving all across Texas except here in El Paso. Drive-in theaters are seeing a boom during the pandemic, mainly due to the fact that regular movie theaters aren't opening up yet.

In my original article, I do mention that we kind of have a drive-in theater here in El Paso (I got a lot of comments on that!) but aside from one event we held there, it's not really showing regular studio movies, if you know what I mean. Going to the movie theater was part of my normal routine. I miss going to the movies, and, even more, I miss that Buzz would pay for my movie ticket and snacks. We had JUST started "BJ's at the Movies"!  Maybe this car pool cinema could mean the revival of "BJ's at the Movies" and Buzz could pay for my movie ticket again!

The Sun City Car Pool Cinema hasn't released showtimes or ticket information yet, but you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates. As for what movies they'll show, might I suggest a family favorite: "The Goonies"? I guess we'll have to wait and see what will be showing when it opens up on June 6th.

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