I know you guys hate homework on the weekends, but this will be cool!  We're having a little fun on Facebook!

Take a picture of yourself dressed as your favorite DJ and you could win tickets to The Q Haunted Warehouse; The Fear Factory!!

It can be AM show/Glenn/Scott or Rick. (The use of props and pets .. screw you PETA … is highly encouraged!!)

Post the picture of you in your DJ outfit on the KLAQ Fear Factory event page.

There you go ... you're in the running!

Starting Monday, each jock picks his doppelganger and that person gets tix to the Fear Factory.

The jock will also use the pic as his profile for Rocktober!

Get your pics in no later than noon on the day listed below for the DJ you choose.

 Monday (10/3) = Scott

Tuesday (10/4) = Mando & Teresa OR Duke & Teresa (a 2 Fer!!)

Wednesday (10/5) = Glenn

Thursday (10/6) = Mardi Gras

Friday (10/7) = Buzz

Good luck!  Any questions, post 'em on the Fear Factory Event Page and someone will respond to you!