I feel like there are a lot of Texans who could give this Kansas college student a run for her money on Dr. Pepper consumption.

She sent the tweet out in December, and now it looks like Dr. Pepper took her tweet very serious. The Dr. Pepper marketing team decided to make her dream a reality!

The Dr. Pepper associate brand manager Lynsey Loomer told Kansas State Collegian,

“We were really inspired by her love of the brand and wanted to have a fun twist on what exactly that means for her."

Instead of giving a tradition restaurant soda fountain, or even a water fountain that served Dr. Pepper, the company decided to create for her a one-of-a-kind yard fountain in the tradition maroon Dr. Pepper label color, with Dr. Pepper Bottles and a caramel colored water flowing through it. To make up for the fact that they don't think she should actually be drinking anything from the fountain, they gave the student 1,200 cans of soda to celebrate.

Read more about this at the Huffington Post website.

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