The First Lady caught some heat this past week after she made a comment where she described San Antonioans as diverse as their breakfast tacos. Here's what she said:

The whole thing is messy, starting with the mispronunciation of "bodegas".

Many were upset with this comment, including the National Association of Hispanic Journalists who exclaim "We are NOT tacos".

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The First Lady apologized, kind of, in the form of a statement to her spokesperson Michael LaRosa:

While many of my fellow Hispanics are upset, and I get it, I am not that upset by it.

This is like that time Donald Trump was like "Hey, I love Hispanics! Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a delicious taco salad made by our Trump Tower chefs!" Was it messy? Yes. Did I roll my eyes? Yes. But with much more happening in the world, this white lady saying words like "breakfast tacos" is not my main issue here.

My main issue with the comment is that I have seen what breakfast tacos in San Antonio are, and I'm here to tell you that they are NOT breakfast tacos. They are breakfast BURRITOS!

If I've said it once, I've said it a THOUSAND times- if it comes in a flour tortilla it's a burrito! Look, San Antonio and other parts of Texas, like to think that the things they're eating are "tacos" when they're just smaller burritos! Here in El Paso, we KNOW that those are burritos, not tacos! I mainly blame places like Taco Cabana who call these their breakfast tacos:

Taco Cabana
Taco Cabana

Those are clearly BURRITOS! I don't care how you fold it or how small the tortilla is- if it's in a flour tortilla it's a burrito.

Are they still delicious? Yes! Will I still eat them? Heck yeah! But I'm not calling it a taco! Get it right, Dr. Biden!

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