El Paso is preparing for the pride parade that is coming up this weekend.

Not only will El Pasoans dress up in their pride apparel, but some El Paso streets are also proudly sporting pride colors.

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If you have been downtown then you should know a certain section known as Pride Square is looking bright.

If you are unaware, just know the new paint job is in celebration of PrideFest will be happening in downtown El Paso.

PrideFest will be on Saturday, June 18, so start planning on how to celebrate along the pride square rainbow walkway.

You have got to admit the Pride Squares along Stanton St. brighten up the block.

Ruben Gomez was lucky to capture some breathtaking photos of his view of Pride Square downtown. Gomez surely knew exactly how to captivate Pride Square by picking the best spots with great views.

If you scroll through his four photos of Pride Square that's downtown (below) you will even be amazed at the beauty of her photos. His friend Samantha Espino shared them on her Facebook which is how I stumbled upon them.

Now all the angles he managed to take capture are remarkable. I especially love the picture she took of Pride Square with the star on the mountain and a sunset in the background.

There are a lot of locals who are ready and waiting for the big party that goes down at PrideFest.

If you get a chance make sure you check out the colorful Pride Square downtown before it dulls out due to the traffic.

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