Nothing is more frustrating than finally choosing what you want to eat to discover they're closed. Lately, that has happened with a lot of people I know since they post about it. When you're in the mood for Mexican food you know your list of options is pages full of places on Google. Let's just say you search for Mexican food and Google pulls up Chico's Tacos. Bam! Your tastebuds are automatically craving Chico's Tacos. Google shows the quick stop for Mexican soupy tacos is open.

But unfortunately, Google is wrong and now you probably got your hopes up. That is what has been happening apparently to those who have been craving Chico's Tacos. The problem is Google has been getting people's hopes up displaying Chico's Tacos is open when they really aren't. As it is the worst disappointment is finally picking somewhere to eat, Google the place, head out just to see they're closed.

This is just a friendly reminder you don't have to try and figure it out yourself. Some of our team put their thinking caps together and made a list of restaurants that ARE open and offer carryout and delivery. You can click on the Eat Local tab on the must-read bar and it will direct you to a list of options. Don't let Google break your heart and trick you in believing that one of your favorite local food chains is open. Don't let the same problem happen to you like it has for others.

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