Some things you come across on social media can sometimes be jaw-dropping. Heck, social media is a perfect outlet to help spread whatever it is you want to share. Plus, if you saw something you think others would share the same reaction as you, you would want to share it, right?

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After sharing something you find shocking on social media, others who do to, will share it. Then after their friends and friends of their friends share it, it goes viral. That is why social media is very powerful and helpful in spreading the word.

Hence, how I came across a photo that I believe El Pasoans would trip out about. The power of social media landed a jaw-dropping photo on my newsfeed that a friend shared from someone in Tennessee. Jason Keel who lives in Nashville came across something he felt was too good to be true.

Jason Keel took a picture to share on social media of something none of us saw coming. Most of us are familiar with Dollar General, you know the stores we rely on while on a budget. Well, Jason Keel had to share how Dollar General went above and beyond on their latest upgrade.

Apparently, some Dollar Generals sells gas to customers. The store opened its first gas station in 2013 and had plans to distribute more. Now Jason Keel didn't mention anything about the price of gas at Dollar General being higher or lower. But you can tell others had the same reaction as him by looking at how many shares his photo got.

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