This new study is here to state the obvious for us. A new study on dog owners says that they prefer to snap pictures of their pooch than their partner. We all know how much pet owners love their furry family members. Millennials are buying their homes for their dogs, customizing their beds, buying costumes for them to wear and joining dog lover groups to socialize with. All of these assumptions are absolutely true and about me and my friends' dogs. A pet animal is a reliable companion to have around for people of all ages. Even animal haters eventually have different feelings about pets, even if its in secret. Just look at all the dads who weren't pet people before, and who now adore their precious new family members. 54 million people in the United States own dogs and

A study by the website Rover found that two-thirds of pet owners take more pictures of their pet dogs than their partners. 65% of respondents say they take more photos of their dogs than their partners and almost half (47%) say it's harder to leave town for a week and be away from their dog more than their spouse. And a quarter would even take their pet pooch on a date with them! This information makes sense to me, since I value Tubby's opinion on those I date and he gets the final say. Because if we all three can sleep in the same bed in harmony, there's going to be trouble. And the man will be sleeping on the couch.

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