Many other people including myself dread going to jury duty. The last time I had jury duty I was not feeling well and was running on no sleep. If you're wondering if I skipped jury duty the answer is NO. I still showed up feeling and looking like death! Now some people have used the craziest excuses to get out of it. Now I was going through a discussion about getting out of jury duty. There were some responses that had me cracking up a storm! Like one person said they're aunt blurted out "kill them all" and the aunt was quickly released. For reals, no lawyer in their right mind whatever side they're representing would want a ticking time bomb on their jury. Then there are some people who don't mind attending jury duty. I remember I used to actually get excited about getting jury duty back in the day. I would use jury duty to get out of my opening shift at work. Those people who use jury duty to get out of work and attend school still exist. You also have those that not only use jury duty to get out of work but also find a way to get out of jury duty too. You don't have to worry about your identity being displayed after voting which type you are below!