I talk to my pets all the time. They don't typically have much to say but they're great listeners.

Seriously, I do talk to my dogs as though they were little furry people. (I have human friends who also count as little and furry but, I'm not going there.) I always have, even as a kid and, I swear, they understand just about every word. Except for the technical radio terms I throw at them some times. They just offer a paw when I use those, which seems to pretty much mean, "You're cute, would you hand me a treat please"?

A report published last summer by goanimals says that people who talk to their pets are smarter than other, ordinary folks. (Hear that Lisa? We got brains and stuff.) It's known, officially, as anthropomorphism. According to goanimals:

Anthropomorphism is a sign of intelligence and creativity and it higher your pet's intelligence as well. Speaking to your pets, teaches them words and gestures, think about it, does your dog know when you are angry with him? As a by-product of anthropomorphism, they notice that you’re angry and manipulate you with a sad face.

The study also says that the most common way we anthropomorphize our furballs is by giving them human names. If you want to seem extra smart, forget "Fluffy" or "Oso" and go with Dave or Brunhilda. Glenn's a nice name too, just sayin'.

Bottom line, don't feel bad or weird if you talk to your pets. (Unless you actually argue with them, that is a little weird. Especially if they win the argument.) It doesn't mean you're crazy, it means you're a cut above the rest!

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