It takes up a huge chunk of the El Paso area but, its actual size overall is incredible!

In total landmass, Fort Bliss comes in at about 1,700 square miles, (almost 1 million acres), which makes it the second-largest military installation the Army has. (It's neighbor to the north, White Sands Missile Range, has the largest area.) According to Wikipedia:

Fort Bliss provides the largest contiguous tract (1,500 sq mi or 3,900 km2) of restricted airspace[8] in the Continental United States, used for missile and artillery training and testing, and at 992,000 acres boasts the largest maneuver area (ahead of the National Training Center, which has 642,000 acres).[1] The garrison's land area is accounted at 1.12 million acres, ranging to the boundaries of the Lincoln National Forest and White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.[9]

The initial order to establish a post in El Paso came in 1848. That post was christened Fort Bliss, (after William Bliss, son-in-law of former US President Zachary Taylor ... both pictured here.), in 1854.

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