One day I met the coolest dude around who won the "Most Unusual" at The Great American Rockabilly Riot last year. That cool dude is known as "Royale" around El Paso and some of you display his art on your body every day.

He's a tattoo artist that has a very unique eye when it comes to designing something very special. Not only does his art stand out but his personality does as well! He's the most humble guy around and has the coolest eyes in El Paso! He was one of the brave souls to have his eyes done which must have hurt like hell. The cool thing about his eyeballs being black is it brings out the color of his eyes! What's even cooler is his beautiful wifey also has her eyes the same as him. Now I don't have any tattoos in any unusual area on my body. But I do know quite a few people who have tattoos in areas most people try and avoid. Not sure why some people pick an area for a tattoo that doesn't ever really see the daylight.

Have you ever gotten a tattoo in the most unusual area on your body? If so take the poll below and don't worry, you will remain anonymous!


Veronica Gonzalez