In other places, people are honoring the dead in a way that had mixed emotions from different people. There is a place that decorated the border wall that separates the city from Mexico. Some people decided to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos while incorporating the "Trump Wall" in 2019.

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Dia De Los Muertos is celebrated every year on November 1 and 2 which honors our loved ones who have passed. Those who lost their lives trying to cross illegally because they wanted a better life were honored on the wall.

The problem with the way they styled the wall along the border wasn't appreciated by certain people. We all have our own ways of decorating for Dia De Los Muertos when that time comes around.

In the Mexicali BC Mexico border, some people found this display offensive. Granted, it seems a bit harsh to see fake bodies hanging over the wall with skeleton faces.

But the truth is this is very much real and still to this day holds truth. I am surprised that this has not turned up in El Paso, Texas since we first had the wall built.

Driving by the border wall that separates El Paso and Juarez would turn heads if the wall was decorated like in Mexicali. Some people in El Paso would not find it very pleasing especially to those who lost relatives or friends in that kind of way.

Take the poll if you would find this offensive as you're driving down the border by the wall below.

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