If you have kids then you know how it feels to experience a priceless moment.

Well, that is how it was for one El Paso mom who shared it on Facebook for people to see.

An El Paso mom, Adri Lou was in the mood for the popular rolled tacos at the OG spot, Chico's Tacos.

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She decided to take her son E.J. who's 6 and had never tried rolled tacos in juice. Clearly, everyone should know by now moms take pictures of everything when it comes to their kids. The El Paso mom got her camera ready as she captured her son's first bite.

Now in the picture, you can see the little dude is dressed in a nice button-down shirt. Which we all know the little dude's first time eating Chico's Tacos is going to be a mission. Trying to eat rolled tacos drowning in juice is hard to do neatly because sometimes the soggy rolled tacos simply break from the fork splattering juice all over you.

That didn't stop E.J. from trying something different out. The best part of his first experience was his facial reaction in his candid picture.

Adri Lou's caption of the picture she took of her son and seeing his facial expression, made me laugh so hard. You can see the serious face E.J. has as he plans on how to execute eating without getting dirty. Because let's face it, some of us have left with a stain on our shirt at some point.

Oh, and if you're wondering E.J. didn't approve because they were spicy for him. Share in the poll if your kids enjoyed the famous rolled tacos drowning in juice below.

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