You can explore wildlife out of state without having to leave your house. If you and your family are getting the itch to be outdoors, can you imagine how those living at the zoo or aquarium feel? You can do what I started doing since this whole quarantine started. I took all sorts of digital tours of zoos and aquariums. I was pretending to be a zookeeper by keeping an eye on them through the webcam.

No joke,  the time I was on the Panda's camera one walked right in front of the camera and took a dump. The Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute is where you can meet some funny pandas. You can also see cheetahs, lions, elephants, and more living in their everyday habitat. Another place you can escape to is the Georgia Aquarium. My favorite cam to view at Georgia Aquarium is the Ocean Voyager one. The last place you can access connection to the outside world is the Aquarium of the Pacific. The Moon Jellies are my favorite to see on their jellyfish cam. Hope you enjoy these places you can visit without having to leave your house.

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