While the new Tesla Cybertruck's can be distracting all on their own; one of them was spotted cruising down a Southlake, Texas highway with another big distraction: a HUGE LED display screen!

Tesla Cybertruck
Joanna Barba

I think we all are aware that Tesla's are known for having a huge screen, however, this Tesla Cybertruck owner took it to another level when they decided to mount an LED display screen to the back of the truck! Yes, that means that drivers behind the behemoth truck were in for a surprise; a distracting surprise! Check it out below:

As you can imagine, the Cybertruck got its fair share of attention; but was it good attention?

What do Texas vehicle laws say about mounting a huge TV to the back of your car?

According to a Texas Transportation Code, there is no hard and fast rule universally banning what they call "mobile billboards". Think of the vehicles you see in Vegas promoting a show or event; is it distracting? Absolutely! But is it illegal? Not at all.

However, the fact that the truck was already a distraction and combine the super bright colors (which makes me think that's a good quality TV!) enraged several Texas drivers in the comments section; but many asking the same question:

How is it possible for the TV to function on the tailgate?

As someone who was an avid watcher of "Pimp My Ride" I wouldn't know how to explain it, but I know for sure there are ways! It's also quite impressive that this display was vibrant even in the rain!

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