The word "dirty soda" doesn't really have an appetizing sound to it, does it? But once you find out what it is, you may be running to your kitchen to try and recreate it.

Dirty Soda has become quite popular on TikTok, but the OG's know that it's actually been a Utah favorite for years now (you know, because of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints dietary restrictions)! At first glance, it looks like a cold brew when you add creamer, but it's a soda.

There are a lot of varieties of Dirty Soda, but the original is a blend of cola, heavy cream, and flavored fruit syrup (usually coconut syrup). It's kind of like a melted root beer float. The cream and the fruit syrup act as the "spike", making the soda dirty, get it?

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Now, if you're not a fan of coconut flavor, then you may opt out, but as for me? I LOVE coconut so this seems like it's right up my alley!

Swig Drinks via Facebook
Swig Drinks via Facebook

And it can be done with any soda, not just regular cola! Sprite, Mountain Dew and, a favorite, Dr. Pepper!

The popular shop where everyone gets these dirty sodas? Swig! Which is where Olivia Rodrigo was recently seen- causing it to explode on social media!

Swig, and a Sodalicious, are usually prominent in Utah, some are available in Arizona, Oklahoma and Idaho, but now Texas can say they're in on the craze because Swig just opened up their first Texas location in Fairview!

Swig said "yee-haw" and opened up their first Texas location and the grand opening was a success, and in their comments section it looks like they're planning on opening more locations in the Lone Star state!

If these locations are too far for you, you can always try to recreate it, just check social media and you'll find a recipe that may strike your fancy. However, I feel like it would probably taste better if someone made one for me so- where can I find a dirty soda in El Paso?!

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