The band played the Don Haskins Center last month but, not everyone got to see it. Not all of it anyway...

A Perfect CirclePuscifer and Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan doesn't like his picture taken. So, he tends to play in deep shadows or full on disguises. If you still try and snap a picture with your phone, he'll toss your butt out.

Now, I'll admit, it's annoying when you can't see because some jerk in front of you wants to video the entire f***ing show. A quick pic as a souvenir is not that big of a deal. though. (Unless you have a pro setup and megawatt flash...that's different)

A recent Blabbermouth article estimated all the "bounce-ees" at a recent APC show in Pennsylvania at over 60 people. People who paid a lot of money to see a guy who voluntarily placed himself in the limelight were denied their chance to see a band that rarely plays live anyway and basically robbed of their money.

I know several peeps who were bounced from the El Paso show and one wasn't even taking a picture, she was trying to send a text. Seriously, WTF??  I'm not sure how Blabbermouth arrived at their total but, it got me wondering if the El Paso total was over, under or even close to 60. If you were shown the door, please comment on the KLAQ Facebook page beneath this blog.

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