I know you're just as excited as I am about the recent news you heard about the Deftones! I was beyond stoked when I found out that I loved and retweeted it on Twitter. I remember wondering about this great news not so long ago. At Dia De Los Deftones in San Diego, California I really was wondering when they would finally make this announcement. Now that we got this awesome news A LOT of you were extremely blissful. Then there were some who kept mentioning Stephen should be in charge with writing the album. Of course, when a band is working on a new album means a tour will be following right after. I am one of the many fans that are overly excited about this recent news from the Deftones. I know people are entitled to their opinion but I don't understand how some dislike the band's music. I think it's been way overdue for new music from the Deftones since their 2016 Gore album. I am curious about your opinion about the Deftones currently working on new music. Place your vote down below if you're excited, somewhat excited, or just don't care.